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About Submitting Material

We are always looking for new talent to expand our roster. If you have an exising body of work you would like to have us consider for, please send a request to:

Adam Johnson
Content Manager

Notes for Making Edits:

Start with the finished, mastered, uncompressed (aif or wav typically) full version. Import this file into your favorite audio editing program (I use Logic Audio, Ableton Live and Pro Tools, but anything can work!), to easily cut/move sections to make the following versions:

:60 - This version can usually contain all the parts of the full-length, just shortened to fit in 60 seconds. Start with the intro & ending from the original (ONLY fade out at the end if the original fades out...), then fill in the middle with shortened sections; a verse/lower-energy section, a chorus/theme/higher-energy section, then a break/bridge, then another chorus to finish. Timing needs be as close to 60 seconds as possible, without going over. A second or two under is preferable to over, but see if you can get it perfecto...usually there is a way.

:30 - An abbreviated version of the :60...usually enough time for an intro, a verse/lower-energy section, a chorus/theme section, and an ending. NO FADES unless the original fades out.

:15 - This edit usually has a short intro, a Chorus/Theme section, and an ending.

Loops - Used for multimedia, video game & web purposes. I usually cut one loop from the verse/lower-energy section that has something going on (melody, etc.), and one higher-energy loop from the Chorus/Theme section.They should be long enough to listen to for a minute or so without going nuts. The length could be anywhere from 4-16 bars, depending on the tempo and what's happening in the loop.

Stingers - shorter than a :15, but with the same structure: Intro, Short theme, Ending. Length is anywhere from :04 - :10ish.

Alternates and Underscores - if you find that removing some of the lead instrumentation still gives a usable track, create an underscore version. Or, if you have a version of the full track that is the same length but is significantly different, then include this.

You can always listen to examples from our site to see how each edit sounds in relation to the full version.

Naming Convention:

TrackName.aif ---full version

TrackName15.aif ---:15 version

TrackName30.aif ---:30 version

TrackName60.aif ---:60 version

TrackNameL1.aif ---Loop 1 (L2, L3 and so on...)

TrackNameS1.aif ---Stinger 1 (S2, etc.)

TrackNameU1.aif ---Underscore full version 1 (A2, etc.)

TrackNameA1.aif ---Alternate full version(s)