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Voice Sound Effects| Voice Sound Effect | Royalty Free Sounds |

Downloadable voice sound effects and voice sounds. He we offer voice sounds like ahhhh sound effect, booing, burp, chanting, crying, gag, gasp, laughing, pain, radio, talking, whisper, and yawning!

Attitude Sound Effects
Downloadable royalty free attitude sound effects and attitude sounds. Downloadattitude sound clips: tough guy attitude sound effect exhales and young kids with the worst attitudes.
Babbling Sound Effects
Babbling sound effects are now downloadable like children babbling. Babbling sound effect, royalty free babble sound clips, baby babble sound effect.
Baby Sound Effects
Download baby sound effects, baby sounds of complaining. Fussy baby sound effect, and grunting baby sound clips, royalty free.
Booing Sound Effects
Booing sound effects, booing sounds, booing sound effect, downloadable. Many rude booing sound clips of men, women and cheering and other booing sfx.
Broadcast Sound Effects
Download broadcast sound effects and broadcast sounds. Broadcast sound effect of sports voice, and news broadcast sound clips sfx.
Chanting Sound Effects
Chanting sound effects are now downloadable and chanting sounds. Chanting sound effect and royalty free chanting sound clips of crowd protest.
Crowd Sound Effects
Downloadable royalty free crowd sound effects and crowd sounds for media. Download these crowd clips like cheer and hooraying crowd sound effect and sfx.
Crying Sound Effects
Download crying sound effects, crying sounds, and crying sound effect, such as crying sound clips of baby crying sound on plane, female sob, and more, royalty free to license!
Etiquette Sound Effects
Etiquette sound effects, downloadable etiquette sounds: etiquette sound effect like thank you and please sfx to license royalty free.
Exclamation Sound Effects
Exclamation sound effects, exclamation sounds to download of human reactions and startled yells, royalty free male and female voices to download.
Exhaling Sound Effects
Exhaling sound effects, exhaling sounds ready to be downloaded. Exhale sound effect, exhale sound clips, royalty free.
Gagging Sound Effects
Get these gagging sound effects and choking sound effect to download royalty free. Here we have gagging sounds such as male gagging, and various choking sound clips and choking sfx.
Gargling Sound Effects
Downloadable royalty free gargling sound effects and gargle sounds for media. Download these gargling sound clips like swishing gargle sound effect and baby gargles sfx.
Gasping Sound Effects
Gasping sound effects, gasping sounds to download. Gasp sound effect, chatter sfx, royalty free men and women gasp sound clips.
Greetings And Goodbye Sound Effects
Greetings sound effects, goodbye sounds ready to be downloaded. Greetings sound effect of good day, and byebye goodbye sound clips, royalty free.
Groaning Sound Effects
Groaning sound effects, groaning sounds to download. Groaning sound effect of grunts, royalty free, and moan groaning sound clips.
Grunt Sound Effects
Grunting sound effects, grunting sounds that can be downloaded right now. Grunt sound effect, royalty free grunt sound clips of discomfort and physical effort.
Holiday Sound Effects
Holiday sound effects, holiday sounds ready to be downloaded. Holiday sound effect of birthday, and Christmas holiday sound clips, royalty free.
Laughter Sound Effects
Laughter sound effects, laughter sounds to download. Laughter sound effect of female giggle, royalty free, and baby laughter sound clips.
Military Sound Effects
Military sound effects, military sounds that can be downloaded right now. Military sound effect, royalty free military sound clips of all hands on deck and I need ammo.
Pa Announcement Sound Effects
Download PA announcement sound effects and PA sounds such as: school announcement sound effect, air traffic control sounds, evacuation warnings. All audio is immediately downloadable and royalty free.
Pain Sound Effects
Download a tons of different terrible pain sound effects. Pain sound effect downloads of hurt and injured people.
Radio Sound Effects
Radio DJ sound effects are now downloadable like station radio deejay sounds. Radio DJ announcer voice sound effect, radio deejay sound clips of super one liners from female and male djs.
Radio Dispatch Sound Effects
Radio dispatch sound effects are now downloadable like astronaut radio dispatch sounds. Radio dispatch sound effect, radio dispatch sound clips of police dispatch, and royalty free sfx.
Radio Voice Sound Effects
Downloadable radio voice sound effects, radio voice sound. Radio voice sound effect, royalty free radio voice sound clips such as radio male and emergency dispatch radio.
Recorded Voice Sound Effects
Download recorded sound effects and recorded sounds. Recorded sound effect of elevator voice, and recorded sound clips of GPS voice.
Screaming Sound Effects
Screaming sound effects are now downloadable and screaming sounds. Muffled scream sound effect and royalty free screaming sound clips of male scream and kid shriek.
Sighing Sound Effects
Downloadable royalty free sighing sound effects and sighing sounds for media. Download these sighing sound clips like female relaxed sigh, and relief sound effect and sfx.
Singing Sound Effects
Download singing sound effects, singing sounds, and singing sound effect, such as singing sound clips of beatbox, chant, operatic, and more, royalty free to license!
Talking Sound Effects
Talking sound effects are now downloadable of men, women, and children. Talking sound effect, royalty free talking sound clips, different phrases and talking sound effect of various professions.
Telephone Voice Sound Effects
Telephone sound effects, downloadable telephone sounds: telephone sound effect like information, operator info, sfx to license royalty free.
Whining Sound Effects
Whining sound effects are now downloadable like children whining sounds. Whine sound effect, whine sound clips, and totally annoying royalty free whining sfx to download.
Whispering Sound Effects
Downloadable whispering sound effects, whispering sounds. Whisper sound effect, royalty free whisper sound clips, shhh, quiet please.
Whistling Sound Effects
Whistling sound effects, whistling sounds ready to be downloaded. Whistling sound effect of cat call, and yoohoo whistling sound clips, royalty free.
Yawning Sound Effects
Download yawning sound effects, yawning sounds. Yawn sound effect, yawn sound clips, royalty free tired human beings who need a little rest.
Yelling Sound Effects
Download people yelling sound effects of ages such as shouting, screaming, etc, across a wide ranged of emotions, like yeah scream sound effect, and professions like a director yelling cut sound effect. All sfx are available to license royalty-free!

"Hello there!" "Fuggedabaoutit!" "Cough, hiccup, ahhhh ..... burp, hachoo!" There are so many voice sound effects available at Voice sounds are one of the largest categories of downloadable sound fx available in the universe of sonics. This is primarily for three reasons. First, the human voice is widely available as most humans have the ability to emit sound. Second, people can express all sorts of sound with their voices. Third, voice sound effects are very easy to record. There is no traveling to distant locations to find a human voice sound effect, simply get a person, stick them in front of a microphone and start recording voice samples. Family members such as children, grandparents, sisters, brothers, and the like are all great candidates for creating voice sound clips wavs.

While a professional voice over artist is ideal for creating voice sound clips because of their experience with recording and attractive voices, and while actors and actresses are awesome voice samples recordists because of their ability to authentically capture human emotions, really any person can create great voice sound effects. At, most of our voice sound effects were done by either voice over artists or actors and actresses. However, some types of voice sound effect downloads were recorded by the sound designers themselves. If you need a sneeze, cough, gag, spit, sigh, or laugh, there is not really a reason to hire a professional, because all of us humans can do a great job with these sounds.

Voice sounds are easy and quick to record. In one recording session, one can easily capture up to 100 voice sound wavs of various types such as talking, yelling, laughing, sighing etc. If the recordings are good quality, then the audio editor simply needs to cruise through the recorded .wav file, cut it up, add some compression, eq, maybe a little reverb and "ta da" the voice sound .wav is complete. Peruse our extensive collection of voice sound effects here at and you won't be disappointed. And, if you are, just shoot us an email and we'll whip something up for you.