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Office Sound Effects, Classroom Sounds, Office Sound Effect, Classroom Sound Clips

Office sound effects and classroom sounds, royalty free, to download into video. 15 office sound effect: Eraser, paper, sharpener, pen, projector, scissors, stapler, tape and more office sound clips.

Book Sound Effects
Book sound effects, downloadable book sounds: book sound effect like textbook, sketchbook, and book sound clips, sfx to license royalty free.
Chair Sound Effects
Chair sound effects, chair sounds ready to be downloaded. Chair sound effect of bar stool, and folding chair sound clips, royalty free.
Cleaning Sound Effects
Cleaning sound effects, cleaning sounds to download. Cleaning sound effect of bottle spray, janitor's cart, vacuum, royalty free and cleaning sound clips.
Clipboard Sound Effects
Clipboard sound effects, clipboard sounds, ready to download. Clipboard sound effect, royalty free clipboard sound clips, clipboard dropped sfx.
Eraser Sound Effects
Eraser sound effects, eraser sounds can be downloaded. Eraser sound effect, eraser sound clips, royalty free eraser swipe dry erase board, hard erasing sfx, triple swipe dry erase board.
File Cabinet Sound Effects
File cabinet sound effects, file cabinet sounds to download today. Royalty free file cabinet sound effect, file cabinet sound clips, shut file cabinet sfx, filing cabinet large metal open, office drawer close.
Hole Puncher Sound Effects
Download hole puncher sound effects, hole puncher sounds. Hole puncher sound effect, royalty free hole puncher sound clips, office three hold puncher press down, paper punch sfx.
Miscellaneous Office Sound Effects
Downloadable miscellaneous office sound effects, miscellaneous classroom sounds. Miscellaneous office sound effect, miscellaneous classroom sound clips.
Paper Sound Effects
Paper sound effects, paper sounds to download. Paper sound effect of check rip, royalty free, and calendar paper sound clips.
Pencil Sharpener Sound Effects
Pencil sharpener sound effects, downloadable, pencil sharpener sounds. Pencil sharpener sound effect, pencil sharpener sound clips royalty free sharpen pencil sfx, electric pencil sharpener sfx, short revs multiple.
Pen Sound Effects
Pen sound effects, pen sounds can be downloaded. Royalty free pen sound effect, pen sound clips, pen remove cap, plastic pen cap sfx, pen click out, bic pen on.
Projector Sound Effects
Projector sound effects, ready to download, projector sounds. Projector sound effect, projector sound clips, royalty free slide projector with clicks, old film projector vintage sfx, projector screen raise.
Public Bathroom Sound Effects
Public bathroom sound effects, public bathroom sounds can be downloaded today. Public bathroom sound effect, royalty free public bathroom sound clips, public toilet flush sfx, soap dispensor, toilet seat cover, bathroom towel tear.
Scissor Sound Effects
Scissor sound effects, scissor sounds to download now. Scissor sound effect, royalty free scissor sound clips, quick scissor cut sfx, multiple snips, messy scissors cut, cut construction paper.
Stamp Sound Effects
Stamp sound effects, can be downloaded, stamp sounds. Stamp sound effect, stamp stamp sound clips, royalty free rubber stamp twice, stamp push down paper sfx, office self inking stamp.
Stapler Sound Effects
Stapler sound effects, available to download, stapler sounds. Stapler sound effect, stapler sound clips, royalty free stapling sfx, stapler-electric, stapler-manual, large industrial stapler.
Tape Sound Effects
Tape sound effects, to be downloaded, tape sounds. Royalty free tape sound effect, tape sound clips, masking tape pull, tape peel piece sfx, tape rip.
Typing Sound Effects
Typing sound effects, typing sounds ready to be downloaded. Typing sound effect of type single key, type sequence, and slow typing sound clips, royalty free.