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Gun Sound Effects | Gun Sound Effect | Royalty Free Sound Effects |

Download gun sound effects and gun sounds. We have a huge array of Machine gun sounds, shot gun sound clips, mortar explosions. All are downloadable and royalty free.

Assault Rifle Sound Effects
Downloadable assault rifle sound effects, assault rifle sounds. Assault rifle sound effect, assault rifle sound clips, royalty free assault rifle burst, barrel sfx, Ak47, M16 shot, single fire.
Gun Handling Sound Effects
Download gun handling sound effects, gun handling sounds. Gun handling sound effect, gun handling sound clips, gun clip sfx, royalty free load sfx, machine gun, pistol, revolver.
Gun Shot Sound Effects
Gun shot sound effects, to be downloaded, gun shot sounds. Gun shot sound effect, royalty free gun shot sound clips such as handguns, artillery, and gas guns.
Laser Gun Sound Effects
Download gun sound effects and gun sounds. Machine gun sound effect, and shot gun sound clips, mortar sfx royalty free.
Machine Gun Sound Effects
Machine gun sound effects, ready to download, machine gun sounds. Royalty free machine gun sound effect, machine gun sound clips, .50 caliber machine gun, Ak47, M60, medium range sfx.
Mortar Sound Effects
Mortar sound effects, can be downloaded, mortar sounds. Mortar sound effect, royalty free mortar sound clips, fire sfx, distant impact, rocket, mortar single fire with explosion.
Pistol Sound Effects
Pistol sound effects, are now downloadable like pistol sounds. Pistol sound effect, pistol sound clips, royalty free 45 Barrel, suppressed pistol sfx, M9, handgun silencer.
Revolver Sound Effects
Revolver sound effects, revolver sounds now downloadable. Royalty free revolver sound effect, revolver sound clips, magnum 357, bullet casing drop sfx, bullet shell drop bounce.
Rifle Sound Effects
Rifle sound effects, rifle sounds that can be downloaded. Rifle sound effect, rifle sound clips, royalty free bar burst sfx, rifle, bullet shell, warfare gun percussion musket.
Shotgun Sound Effects
Shotgun sound effects, shotgun sounds that can be downloaded. Shotgun sound effect, shotgun sound clips, royalty free gauge barrel sfx, shotgun load.

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SFX|Collection-Guns (more info) Sale on Royalty Free Music! New Royalty Free Music!
SFX|Collection-Guns: Preview Image
A sound effects collection containing gun sound effects and sound design elements.

Recording gun sound effects is serious business. While they might be a very prevalent sound effect, and there are thousands versions of a gun sound effect out there, it takes a true professional to capture high quality, great sounding gun sound effects. The two main challenges in recording gun sounds are accessing live gunfire, and being able to capture the audio without modulation, or clipping. Fortunately, at SFXsource we have sound artists who've been able to do both and have contributed their gun shot sound fx to our library. The first challenge in recording gun sfx and gun shooting sounds, accessing live gun shots, is difficult because gun fire is not something you find occurring daily in nearby locations (hopefully). One of our artists, VRSonic, solved this problem by gaining permission from the Marine base at Quantico, VA, to visit and record some of their live battle training for gun shot sound effects. Through recording mock battles with real weapons, VRSonic captured intense gun sound clips of multiple machine guns, mortar, grenades, and general field fire ambience for all sorts of gun shot sound effect products. The results are fantastic and VRSonic has contributed hundreds of extraordinary battle sounds of many different gun makes and models for gun shot sfx.
In order to overcome the second challenge, getting pure .wav files of very loud gun shot sound fx to create an authentic free gun firing sound effect or free machine gun sound effect, a sound recordist must be sure the input level on their microphone is set to a very low level to accommodate the intense gun shot sounds. In addition, they often use a -Db pad to alleviate the power of the input from gun shots sounds. Such a pad reduces the decibels of an incoming signal to stop it from clipping to ensure the creation of great gun shot sound effects. Regardless of the challenges, fortunately there are enough sound recordists and sound designers in the world of professional sound effect to put in the hard work at utilize the expertise needed to bring you only the best sound gun sound fx. To end this, here is a another free sound effect of gunshot for you from ourfree gun sound effects page.