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Sound effects download products! Royalty free sound effect library of 100,000 sfx in 645 categories. Professional, affordable, downloadable.

Funny Sound Sound Effects
Sound effects download products! Royalty free sound effect library of 100,000 sfx in 645 categories. Professional, affordable, downloadable.

Welcome to our sound effects downloads category page. Above are 36 subcategories of sound effects which split off into 645 more sound fx categories to download, royalty free. Each sound category has been organized by hand to give you the best possible experience when browsing our ever growing catalog of 100,000 professionally produced audio clips. All the audio available on this site have been vetted for quality and are provided by professionals in the audio field. Top notch recording and editing equipment, as well as hundreds of hours of time and expertise has gone into the creation of the audio in the Sound Effects Library.

Royalty free audio clips such as those found in our extensive library can be used by all sorts of media production amateurs and professionals. Since video and audio are such a huge part of marketing and creative endeavors these days, people such as filmmakers, videographers, animators, podcasters, powerpoint presenters, and even photographers who put together video montages of their work, can benefit from the use of sound effects. Sound fx can be used to add humor to a presentation, increase the emotional impact, highlight graphics onscreen, add pizzazz to a website, and of course lend richness to the soundtrack of a film. There is a limitless well of creative ways to use sfx in video and audio art.

As with any topic, the field of the audio design is covered extensively online. Originally called "foley" after the sound effects creator Jack Foley, who pioneered the ecording of audio to match movements on the screen back in the early 20th Century, audio recording and production has become an industry all in its own. With hundreds of online sites offering downloadable samples to use in media productions, nearly every sound in the world is available to any creator of any art form for only a few dollars.

In addition, there is also a vibrant post-production audio community online. Many forums, blogs, and social sites are geared toward sound design. To learn more about the ins and outs of audio production for film, one favorite site of mine, is the Social Sound Design community which covers all aspects of the industry via questions posed by users on their forum. All newbies, amatuers, and professionals are able to participate in this site. In addition to these types of sound forums, many filmmaking forum sites have specific sub-forums that cover audio related questions, such as:

Digital Audio - MacRumors Forums Go to the "Digital Audio" sub-forum on this site if you have questions about audio production in generally or related to specific Mac products.

Digital Director - Audio Editing This forum is geared toward filmmakers in general, but it is chock full of great information on sound editing, audio production, and post-production challenges. There are many active users and nearly every day great questions are posed and answered that give readers insights into the world of audio production.

Post Production Forum - This site is visited by loads of hardcore media production professionals. The sub-forums cover a wide range of elements of video production such as shooting and video editing, as well as the various aspects of acoustics. The acoustics topics are diverse and plentiful such as hip hop production, electronic music production, and audio post. There also appears to be a totally new category for "newbies" where beginners can ask any question related to sound effects production such as which mics to use, how to edit them, how to get rid of noise, and/or where to find good professional usable samples.

If you want to check out our sound effects library there are tons of options. For science fiction producers there are plenty of lightsaber sound effects downloads, and free science fiction sounds in our free sound effects downloads section. Other frequently downloaded sounds are human sounds like whistling sound effects downloads and kids playing sound effects download, ambiance sounds like factory sound effects downloads, and electronic toy sound effects downloads for toy and game makers.