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The Foundation Sound Effects Library

The Foundation Sound Effects Library

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The Foundation Sound Effects Library is the result of game sound design expert Stephan Schütze’s recording odyssey across Australia, Asia and North America starting in 2005 and continuing to this day. Schütze created this general sound effects library with the age-old maxim in mind that “all things that last must have a strong foundation”. As a leading consultant for FMOD, Schütze naturally optimized the Foundation Libraries with a game developer's needs in mind, but Foundation is also an excellent sound design tool for film and television production and is used extensively by educational institutions in media production curriculums.

The Foundation Library comprises a mind-boggling collection of contemporary recordings including vehicles, industrial machinery, domestic sounds and over one thousand animal sounds. It also includes natural elements such as wind and water, as well as musical instruments and a range of ambiences. And, of course, your expected Sopwith Pup cockpit ambience and underwater engine of a Sydney ferry.

In addition, The Foundation Library includes thousands of audio “elements” or sound bytes from which an almost infinite number of sound events can be crafted. These elements are cataloged into material types such as wood, metal, glass and stone, and subtitled by actions: impacts, scrapes, shatters and breaks. The Foundation Library also includes more abstract elements such as sweeps, drones, pulses and surges.

The Foundation Library also features free sound effects updates digitally delivered every 3 months (at least 250 sound effects).  Foundation’s free sound effects updates are designed to deliver lifetime value and keep the library updated with complimentary and contemporary new sound effects

The Foundation Library also features regular sound effects updates that make it a continually refreshed, lasting sound effects resource. 

Download excel track listings for the Foundation Library
Download 25 free sound effects (16/48kHz) from the Foundation Library
Check out Foundation Demo Video .


  • 16.006 sound effects (22.42 GB)
  • 320 GB LaCie Rikiki Hard Drive
  • 16 / 48 broadcast .wav files
  • Free Sound Effects Updates (at least 250 every 3 months)
  • Universally compatible embedded metadata
  • Free Sound Effects Search Software: NetMix Lite (video )
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • 3 -year Data Replacement Policy

More Features:

  • General sounds collected in Australia, Europe and North America
  • Unusual sound effects that expand on the basics
  • Consulted professional game designers while cultivating the library to fit their needs
  • Thousands of sound bytes (elements), created specifically to foster the creation of bespoke sound effects and optimized for real time generated performance
  • Used heavily as an professional educational teaching and student production resource
  • Used in mainstream Xbox 306, Playstation, iPhone and PC titles

Stephan Schütze's Credentials:

  • Leading FMOD designer
  • Award winning composer (Jurassic Park Operation Genesis)
  • Contributor to: Organized Sound and Gems 7 publications
  • Lecturer at: Australian Game Developer's Conference, Australian Film Television and Radio School, Melbourne University, Digital Media Fund, The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Freeplay and Games Connect Asia Pacific
  • Former Australian Defense Force musician


Uncompressed 48k AIF, 44.1k WAV and MP3 delivered on hard drive