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SFXBible Book Promo


For any purchase over $29.99, we will be happy to ship to you, free of charge, the newly published Sound Effects Bible published by professional Hollywood sound designer Ric Viers.  Upon completion of your purchase, simply send an email to Free SFXBible with "Send SFXBible" in the subject header and a mailing address in the body of the email.  We'll get the book out to you right away.  Please read below for more indepth information on the renowned Ric Viers and his excellent sound effect resource.

About The Sound Effects Bible

The Sound Effects Bible is the complete guide to recording, editing, and designing your own sound effects. If it snaps, crackles, pops, crashes, booms or bangs, it can be found somewhere in this first-ever book on the black art of Foley and sound effects. This definitive book covers microphone selection, field recorders, the ABCs of digital audio, understanding digital audio workstations, building your own Foley stage, designing your own editing studio, sound design, and much more.

About The Author

Ric Viers has worked in the film and television industry for more than ten years. His location sound credits include nearly every major television network, Universal Studios, Dateline, Good Morning America, Disney, and many others. His sound design work has been used in major motion pictures, television shows, radio programs, and video games. In 2007, Viers launched his own label, Blastwave FX, to celebrate the release of his 100th sound effects library. To date, he is considered to be the world’s largest independent provider of sound effects, with more than 150,000 sounds and more than 150 sound effects libraries to his credit. He has produced sound libraries for numerous publishers, including Apple, Blastwave FX, Sony, Sound Ideas, and The Hollywood Edge.


“Ric’s book is an excellent introduction to techniques for producing professional sound effects for films, games, etc. It’s packed with nuts-and-bolts information that beginning and intermediate level sound designers/editors will find useful.”
— Randy Thom, director of sound design, Skywalker Sound

 “Ric Viers eats, drinks, and breathes sound effects. If you’re a sound designer, editor, or filmmaker, you’ll need the Bible!”
— Tasos Frantzolas, founder of

“The Sound Effects Bible is the go-to resource for anyone serious about sound creation! Ric Viers generously shares his real-world experience in an absorbing and hard to put down guide to this fascinating corner of the entertainment industry.”
— Aaron Marks, composer/sound designer and author of The Complete Guide to Game Audio

“Fun, funny, and the most informative source I’ve seen on the what, why, and how of creating sound effects. This book’s a blessing of inspiration, common sense, and trade secrets, a must for everyone planning to get their own microphone for recording our sonic world. Thanks, Ric, for sharing your experience creating those 100,000 humongous, teeny, sloshy, brittle, honking, shimmering, etc. etc. sounds.”
— David Sonnenschein, author of Sound Design

“Ric Viers manages to not only detail the technical aspects of an underappreciated craft, but explain how a sound effects expert approaches this work from a practical perspective — offering specific examples of how one can capture and later utilize audio that will add depth and character to images.”
— David E. Williams, Editor-In-Chief, Digital Video Magazine

“If you are interested in learning about the details of sound effects for your own productions — this is the book!”
— Frank Serafine, Award Winning Sound Designer/Composer/ Multimediaist, Tron, Star Trek, Hunt For Red October, Brainstorm

“Ric has really nailed it on this one. There is no other A-to-Z book that a media maker who has limited knowledge of sound effects can use to get a great overview of how sound is matched to visuals conceptually and technically — and then with this knowledge actually make a movie soundtrack.”
— Alan Howarth, Composer/Sound Designer for Star Trek, Halloween, Poltergeist, Dracula, Stargate, The Hunt for Red October, and The Little Mermaid

About MWP Publishing
Over the past 22 years, MWP (Michael Wiese Productions) has become America’s leading “how-to” film book publishers with a line of over seventy books on filmmaking including many bestsellers that would make any major publisher proud.  In addition, MWP books are published in over a dozen languages and bring worldwide attention to their authors.

MWP is known for creating highly-accessible books that guide filmmakers in all aspects of their craft including writing, directing, storyboarding, camera, producing, financing, marketing, distributing, new media, and more. 

In the U. S., MWP books are distributed by National Book Network, (the second largest independent distributor in North America).  MWP books are also distributed in England and Europe (Focal/Butterworth) and in Australia/New Zealand (Harcourt).

MWP books are found in all major book chains including Barnes & Noble, Borders, B. Dalton, etc. as well as independent bookstores.  In September 1998, Barnes & Nobles first did a special freestanding display of MWP books in hundreds of its retail stores.  MWP books are also sold at all the top film/theater bookshops across the country including Samuel French, Dramabooks, City Lights and Larry Edmunds.

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